The important things will always be important. In spite of change. More so, because of change.

Grow through change, not just get through it, by putting first things first.


The devices are always on, but as people, we feel less connected.

Grow through experiences, not just engagement, by making real connections with people.


Connecting people and brands with passion

Unlock efficiencies while scaling outcomes to invest more in your people, your brand, and your performance by transforming marketing.

Focus on first things first to transform marketing and make a real connection with your customers and employees

It’s hard for brands to truly stand out, and it’s getting harder still. People can decide to choose your brand, or your competitors, at any point in the journey.

That’s why companies work with Machintel to differentiate their brands, deliver experiences that create real connections with people, and successfully unlock efficiencies while accelerating growth and driving performance.

What we do

Navigating the complexity of customer and business demands is no small feat. For organizations to stay relevant for tomorrow, they must adapt to the ever-evolving needs of customers while accelerating real growth through change.
To harness this opportunity, it’s time to focus on what really matters – and discard the rest.


Unify the moments, own the experience

In order to succeed, organizations must activate their brand purpose to drive value and differentiation across the customer journey.

How can I define and activate my brand purpose?

Our collaborative teams work with you to not only refine your brand purpose, but also find ways to bring it life in an authentic and relevant way, across your entire customer journey. We support your marketing, content and media strategies so we can help you build iconic brand experiences across all your touchpoints and channels.

How we do it


Maximize your brand purpose. We establish unique brand purposes to build iconic brands and bring brands to life with high-impact creative concepts and marketing strategies.

Creativity & innovation

Power creativity with innovation. We curate unique creative experiences at global scale, optimize creative with data, AI and automation and drive new engagement opportunities and growth.

Brand insight definition & activation

We create ideas that help define a brand’s core identity, whether it’s inventing a new brand, reinventing an existing one, or re-architecting a large portfolio of brands.

Brand & creative platforms

We develop and execute high impact creative concepts that bring marketing-driven experiences to life everywhere your customers are.

Purposeful innovation

We’ve developed collaborative processes and innovation centers with a range of strategic, creative and innovation resources to help drive engagement and growth in completely new ways.


Driving conversations that accelerate buyer journeys

We create purposeful content for businesses to help them influence their prospects' purchase decisions and scale their business growth.

How do I activate engagement and drive demand?

The average number of people involved in B2B purchases has climbed to 23 and they are diverse in role, function, and geography. We orchestrate data-driven campaigns, tailored to industry, role, and other buyer attributes to drive demand and accelerate the path to purchase.

How we do it

Personalized engagement

Connect with buyers at moments of need. We create simple, fast, and enjoyable experiences that remove barriers to engagement and accelerate decision making and sales.


We connect people, tech, and business to orchestrate campaigns across customer segments, through partner and digital channels, and across regions, to accelerate demand.


Rapidly produce high-quality content at scale. We help you generate and automate customization of affordable content. Learn how to distribute content seamlessly across every channel and iterate and optimize content in real time using machine learning.

Market opportunity & segmentation

We leverage our user experience, audience profile and segmentation expertise to define an overall engagement strategy.

Connected capabilities for creative

We bring science to the craft of creativity through enhanced data, applied analytics and intelligence, used to stand up, supplement or run your creative teams and capabilities.


Breaking down the barriers to relevancy

We help marketers reinvest savings to drive performance and create more relevant experiences at scale.

How can I activate my brand across all audiences and touchpoints?

In an ever-evolving brand landscape where one brand can have diverse and multiple audiences, we work together to ensure your brand narrative is delivered consistently everywhere, making the most of the moments that matter.
We create marketing and communications to create omni-channel experiences through content, campaigns and channel activations that are felt across every stage of the customer journey in ways that resonate, are relevant and are valued.

How we do it


Uncover new growth opportunities using actionable insights from data. We help you increase customer lifetime value and deliver personalized experiences at scale using artificial intelligence and analytics to continually improve performance over time.


Maximize your talent network by architecting a powerful marketing operating model which harnesses your network and optimizes your talent. We help maximize your skills to grow your capabilities.


Engage customers everywhere. We help you create dynamic, data-based content, activate a consistent, brand narrative and deliver omni-channel experiences throughout the customer journey.


Activate untapped sources of demand to drive growth and help you optimize campaign and channel performance. We experiment and iterate rapidly across channels, attributing with accuracy, transparency and precision.


Run campaigns with speed, scale and certainty. We help you architect data-driven marketing and media campaigns, activate those campaigns across global platforms and automate with AI to drive resource efficiency.


How can I stay relevant and drive engagement at scale?

Our bespoke operating models and networks are infused with data and tech capabilities to help drive sustained awareness, brand preference, targeted engagement and customer loyalty, while our unified approach to brand communications can help you deliver uniquely curated creative experiences globally, at scale.

How do I find the right buyers, so I can cut costs and make lead-generation more efficient?

We help B2B brands reimagine how to identify and engage buyers through intelligent targeting, reach and engagement strategies that make it easier for large and diverse buying committees to make complex purchasing decisions.

How we do it

Intelligent lead identification and enrichment

Identify the right buyers. We apply intelligence and data analysis to uncover ideal organizational buyers and their individual needs along the path to purchase.

Accelerated qualification and reach

Understand what buyers need. We apply human talent and machine learning, supported by data and insights, to power efficient lead-generation.

Media & campaign management

We deliver scalable, personalized campaigns to drive customer engagement and increased returns, collaborating with leading martech partners across paid, earned and owned platforms.

Marketing technology evolution

We partner with leading and emerging martech platforms to help brands get more value out of their technology and data.


Connect and optimize your tech stack by harnessing the cloud to build a future-ready digital infrastructure. We enable you to create a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers and unlock the full power of your martech investments.


Breaking down the barriers to agility

We help marketers transform their technology and workflows to unlock efficiencies and scale to meet market demands.

How can I close deals faster and grow the relationships I have?

We help B2B marketing, sales and service organizations speed conversion and adoption rates and nurture customer-centered growth to increase lifetime customer value.

How we do it

Digital sales

Close complex deals faster. We transform your end-to-end sales cycle through a mix of human-driven and digitally enabled activities that are powered by data and insights.

Advocacy and engagement

Reimagine advocacy and customer service for growth. We power service experiences with data and intelligence to identify and nurture advocates, and we continually optimize experiences for quality and efficiency.

Demand activation

We generate qualified traffic by highlighting priority experiences based on demand, availability and customer affinity, then optimize media interactions to reduce wasted spend and deliver greater returns.

Rapid performance optimization

Agile, cross-functional teams can rapidly experiment, drive performance and optimize fulfillment based on a real-time, multi-channel understanding of consumer preferences.

Data & audience orchestration

We accelerate data ownership, helping brands use customer intent and preferences to create personalized experiences and optimize data investments.

Putting the real value of marketing intelligence

Experience is irreplaceable. Our value offerings are backed by over 22 years of B2B excellence in 16+ industry verticals. You seek impact, so we offer performance-driven solutions that are designed to cut through the clutter and get you straight to real, tangible results.


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