Sales Enablement Manager

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Job Description

Machintel is looking for a Sales Enablement Manager that will embody a pivotal role in fortifying and maximizing the sales process within our organization. Their primary responsibility lies in empowering the sales team with the indispensable tools, resources, and knowledge required to ignite sales productivity, elevate customer engagement, and triumphantly attain revenue targets. This influential position necessitates a harmonious blend of visionary thinking, adept project management skills, and an intimate comprehension of sales methodologies and processes. If this sounds like you, let’s chat!


    • Demonstrated prowess in sales enablement, sales training, or analogous roles within a dynamic B2B environment.
    • Profound understanding of sales methodologies, processes, and the coveted best practices.
    • Astute project management skills, capable of effortlessly managing and orchestrating multiple initiatives concurrently.
    • Exemplary communication and presentation skills, enabling effective engagement and the power to persuasively influence stakeholders at all hierarchical levels.
    • Proficiency in harnessing sales enablement technologies and deftly navigating CRM systems. Zoho experience a huge plus.
    • Analytical mindset, adept at harnessing the power of data and insights to drive improvements in sales performance.
    • Adaptability and flexibility to thrive within fast-paced, ever-changing environments.
    • Collaborative mindset, dedicated to fostering robust, fruitful cross-functional relationships.


    • Cultivating Sales Enablement Strategy: Craft and execute an all-encompassing sales enablement strategy meticulously aligned with the company's sales objectives. Identify areas ripe for improvement within the sales process, content framework, and training programs to invigorate overall sales effectiveness.
    •  Fostering Sales Training and Development: Collaborate harmoniously with sales leadership to identify skill gaps and training needs within the sales team. Develop and deliver compelling sales training programs, immersive workshops, and comprehensive training materials to enrich product knowledge, refine selling techniques, master objection handling, and elevate overall sales acumen.
    •  Fueling Content Development: Forge close partnerships with marketing and product teams to conceive and curate captivating sales collateral, dynamic presentations, empowering playbooks, and other indispensable sales assets. Ensure the content resonates with the buyer's journey and empowers the sales team to artfully articulate value propositions and address customer needs.
    •  Propelling Sales Technology Enablement: Assess, implement, and uphold sales enablement tools and technologies such as CRM systems, sales engagement platforms, and content management systems. Skillfully optimize the utilization of these innovative tools to streamline sales processes, automate administrative tasks, and amplify sales efficiency.
    • Unifying Sales Communication and Alignment: Foster a culture of open, effective communication and seamless collaboration between sales, marketing, product, and other cross-functional teams. Guarantee sales representatives are impeccably informed about solution updates, ingenious marketing campaigns, and prevailing industry trends, thereby facilitating meaningful customer conversations and resounding sales triumphs.
    • Precision in Sales Performance Measurement: Define paramount key performance indicators (KPIs) for the sales team and establish robust mechanisms to meticulously track and report on these metrics. Unearth meaningful insights from sales performance data to discern trends, identify areas primed for improvement, and pinpoint best practices, thereby providing invaluable, actionable insights to sales leadership.
    • Orchestrating Sales Enablement Operations: Institute and uphold sales enablement processes, meticulous documentation, and impeccable standards. Continuously refine and optimize sales methodologies, tools, and resources based on invaluable feedback from the sales team and the ever-evolving dynamics of the market.


    Graduate/ Masters preferred