Marketing content/copywriter

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Job Description

We are looking for a copywriter to join our marketing team and help us produce high-quality copy for our marketing outreach campaigns. You will be required to produce creative and attractive copies which can drive the growth of our brands.


    • Excellent command of the English language and effective communication skills
    • Conversational style writing
    • Team player
    • Can work independently and with a highly collaborative team
    • 1-4 years of experience in a similar role


    • Write clear, creative, and attractive copies for marketing and sales outreach initiatives of Machintel and the company brands.
    • Marketing copy to include email messages (direct and HTML)
    • Edit and proofread copies when required.
    • Use SEO tools and principles to ensure maximum reach of the copy.
    • Source images and information for content.
    • Conduct extensive research on market and consumer behavior.
    • Stay well read on the current market trends.
    • Collaborate with PR, designers, and colleagues on marketing projects.
    • Adhere to the platform requirements and character limits for the paid marketing campaigns as per the respective platforms/tools – LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Google ads etc


    • Graduate and above