Discover the top 15 B2B data providers in EMEA and learn how partnering with a trusted data provider enables businesses to transform their marketing strategies.

Impactful business growth strategies begin with the utilization of high-quality B2B data within organizations. Despite considerable investments in sales and marketing initiatives, numerous businesses encounter challenges in achieving their desired outcomes. These setbacks are often caused by the usage of unstructured, inappropriate, or outdated B2B marketing data lists, resulting in ineffective audience targeting.

It is high time businesses recognize that the reliability and quality of company data are the cornerstone of every sales and marketing effort. The reliability and relevancy of this data have a substantial impact on ROI and overall company success.

EMEA is a vast and diverse market, with over 2.1 billion people spanning 115 countries and 17 non-country territories. This diversity poses a distinctive challenge for businesses aiming to enter or expand within this market. Without access to quality B2B data, they face difficulties in gaining valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and competitor activity.

Therefore, businesses must focus on onboarding reliable B2B data providers in order to expand their reach to a more specific customer base, generate a higher volume of qualified leads, and successfully close more deals through the implementation of effective data solutions.
Here are some of the leading B2B data providers in EMEA:

Europe –

6sense is one of the top AMB and third-party data intelligence providers, revolutionizing B2B revenue creation. Its mission is centered on predictive analytics, which enables organizations to identify prospective buyers and recommend optimal engagement strategies for anonymous purchasing teams. The company's 6sense Revenue AI platform empowers sales and marketing teams to manage and convert high-quality pipelines into revenue in an efficient manner. 6sense empowers B2B organizations by eliminating guesswork and leveraging the potent trio of AI, machine learning, and big data to bolster every aspect of their sales teams.

Machintel, a global leader in providing data, content enrichment, media partnerships and event management solutions, equips businesses with all the tools to thrive in multiple industries and businesses. With their intel-powered data, organizations can improve their consumer acquisition strategies, make informed decisions, and foster valuable connections in a highly competitive business environment. Machintel assists marketing and sales teams by providing them with qualified leads and top-quality datasets, which facilitate the deployment of impactful email and demand generation campaigns. Its data solutions can assist marketers to improve business bottom lines and ROIs. By harnessing Machintel's proficiency in demand generation, data, machine intelligence, technology, media strategy, events and revenue operations, enterprises can achieve efficient and effective customer acquisition.

Headquartered in London, Cognism is a market-leader in sales intelligence, known for establishing a new standard in data quality and compliance, and trusted by over 1800 revenue teams. The company offers premium company and contact information, such as intent data, verified business emails, firmographics, sales trigger events, technographics, and phone-verified mobile numbers, in an effort to assist businesses in identifying, engaging, and concluding their ideal prospects. Their GDPR and CCPA compliance, combined with cutting-edge technology and effortless integrations in leading CRM and sales engagement, position Cognism as a leading choice for businesses seeking to establish a strong pipeline and navigate the complexities of global compliance.

Demandbase is one of the renowned B2B data providers of intelligent go-to-market strategies for marketing companies. The company enables marketing and sales teams to go beyond generic outreach with a mission to mitigate the difficulties posed by fragmented data and technology. It accomplishes this by embedding account intelligence throughout the entire purchasing journey, facilitating personalized interactions wherever customer engagement occurs. Demandbase is an expert at orchestrating actions across multiple systems and channels, such as B2B advertising, sales movements, and account-based experiences. The company provides focused and meaningful connections by coordinating these efforts, redefining how organizations connect with prospects and customers.

Data Axle is a prominent B2B marketing data company, providing their clients with access to a wide range of information comprising more than 400 attributes about tens of millions of businesses around the globe. The company's database contains verified real-time data, such as online presence, business contacts, phone numbers, street addresses, operational hours, employee counts, SIC codes, and a variety of other pertinent details. This extensive dataset includes organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies and small-scale firms to large-scale businesses and home-based freelancers. Data Axle is committed to providing precise, exhaustive, and current business intelligence in order to facilitate informed decision-making and nurture meaningful business engagements.

Middle East –

Bombora is an industry's leading provider of intent data for sales and marketing. The company’s diligently curated data synchronizes marketing and sales teams, providing invaluable insights into companies actively researching products and the extent of their research. With this data in hand, marketers can channel highly qualified leads through the sales funnel, allowing sales teams to efficiently prioritize accounts and engage in more meaningful and high-quality conversations. This rich data source is the result of a collaborative effort by more than 5,000 premium B2B media companies, which enhances the company’s understanding of its audiences and facilitates effective advertiser engagement strategies.

Terminus, founded in 2014, is a prominent provider of B2B data and demand-generation services that facilitate revenue generation. When adding accounts to their queue, the company assists sales and marketing teams in instituting a higher level of inspection. It is committed to elevating marketing's role as a powerful revenue driver. Terminus specializes in providing solutions that include account-based marketing, demand generation, B2B data, programmatic and display advertising, and CRM and marketing automation integration, among others. The company is trusted by over a thousand global marketing leaders, eager to surpass performance standards., a leader in data intelligence and sales engagement platforms, offers robust sales engagement and automation tools. Its mission is to empower sales professionals by assisting them in identifying their ideal clients and automating outreach, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of go-to-market teams across various industries. Apollo's distinctive approach to data acquisition revolves around community-based crowdsourcing, designed to provide users with extensive data coverage while upholding the highest standards of accuracy. Its solutions allow sales professionals to enrich and analyze prospect data effectively, which results in accelerating quality conversations and increased opportunities.

Lusha is one of the prominent B2B data providers in the marketing space, assisting business professionals to establish swift and authentic connections with their leads, contacts, and potential candidates. The company has earned the distinction of being the first ISO 27701-certified sales intelligence solution in the market. With a commitment to developing trust in business relationships, Lusha equips users with easy-to-use tools for enriching and verifying business profiles. The company provides a user base of over 800,000 sales representatives, recruitment managers, and marketers who rely on its capabilities daily. Lusha's robust suite of features includes filters, which allow users to efficiently compile lists of up to 1,000 prospects in a single operation.

RocketReach, with a user base of over 16 million individuals worldwide, is one of the industry's leading information services platform providers. Founded in 2016, the company helps professionals connect to new opportunities, powered by the most extensive contact database globally. It has emerged as a productivity solution for sales and recruitment teams, serving enterprises of varying scales. RocketReach's powerful API drives external tools and workflows, adeptly addressing a range of business requirements encompassing sales enablement, marketing, analytics, and even academic research. It assists customers in utilizing its bulk lookup feature to handle extensive lists containing multiple contacts.

Africa –

LeadIQ is revolutionizing the field of sales prospecting by providing the shortest way to capture leads, discover emails, and enrich data with crucial company details and social profiles. Its platform integrates seamlessly with multiple sales acceleration and customer management tools, enabling businesses to research and capture potential leads with effectiveness. LeadIQ ensures comprehensive data enrichment by integrating with multiple data sources, which enables sales teams to concentrate on effectively prequalifying leads. This approach results in less time spent on unqualified leads and more time devoted to closing deals and bolstering the bottom line, making LeadIQ an invaluable asset for businesses seeking to maximize their growth.


Clearbit is a prominent data intelligence company, providing a range of extensive APIs and data enrichment solutions to help organizations increase their consumer knowledge and engagement. It has established itself as a reliable provider of data-centric products since its founding in 2013, supporting businesses in getting insightful perspectives, optimizing marketing efforts, and driving revenue growth. Clearbit's data enrichment API, at its core, serves as a backbone, allowing businesses to enrich their consumer data with important insights acquired from various sources. The company assists businesses in amplifying their grasp on consumers, prospects, and leads by using an expansive company and contact information database.

Leadspace is one of the leading B2B data providers dedicated to supporting businesses facing complex data challenges. Its platform combines large amounts of data into a unified B2B data graph that can manage billions of relationships and trillions of data elements at the company and buyer levels. This unified data framework assists go-to-market teams to navigate, segment, and activate across diverse digital channels with ease, thereby enhancing their pipeline's economics and increasing conversion rates. Through Leadspace, businesses can acquire a competitive edge by efficiently managing and using their data resources for sustained growth and success.

Clodura.AI is a prominent provider of B2B lead generation platform in the B2B marketing sector. It is a valuable resource for sales professionals, assisting them in identifying key decision-makers, acquiring actionable sales intelligence, automating outreach campaigns, and creating a sales pipeline with a 10X multiplier. The company's advanced technology, characterized by unparalleled data coverage, accuracy, and contact depth, facilitates sales development representatives in reaching and surpassing their revenue targets. Clodura.AI offers global coverage of the B2B database, including more than 220 million contacts, 18 million companies, and 60 million direct dials, with an impressive 95% accuracy rate.

Intensify is a leading partner for B2B enterprises in Africa, delivering sought-after buyer-intent intelligence to B2B organizations, as well as tools to capitalize on the insights. Its Intelligence Activation Platform excels at identifying companies involved in research activities that closely match specific business solutions. The platform not only determines where these companies stand in their buying journey but also highlights their top priorities. With this, businesses can swiftly engage with their identified client companies. Intensify is transforming the way B2B organizations use, interpret, and act on buyer intent. The company's innovations enable businesses to create extraordinary end-to-end purchase experiences that result in significant revenue growth.

Wrapping Up

As the business and marketing ecosystem continues to upgrade, the need for innovative strategies such as optimizing ABM with advanced solutions stands as a beacon of inspiration for marketers looking to redefine success in the marketing era.

Utilizing high-quality B2B data is key to generating superior leads, enhancing conversion rates, exploring new business avenues, and increasing overall revenue. Effective data quality management solutions remain essential components of successful demand-generation strategies for businesses.

Partnering with a reliable B2B data providers can significantly impact the business growth strategy. By utilizing the services of a reliable provider, businesses can access a more targeted customer base, generate highly qualified leads, and close more deals, marking a strategic move for their expansion efforts.