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Machintel provides performance-based digital marketing services using multiple inbound and outbound methods in B2B and B2C markets. Depending on our clients’ preferences and requirements, campaign activities often include content marketing, search optimization, paid advertising, and social media marketing across multiple media channels.

Machintel brings the best technologies and practices to provide clients with converged marketing solutions that help companies use integrated media, targeted data, and effective marketing methods for customer acquisition at scale.

Lead Generation

Machintel delights in working with clients to help them meet their B2B and B2C lead requirements so that their businesses enjoy growth through increased sales and profitability.

We work with clients across multiple industry verticals and markets using both inbound and outbound marketing methods to generate high quality leads in volume.

We use several methods like email, social media, SEO, PPC, CRO, proprietary publishing properties, third-party publishers, content syndication, and telemarketing.

We also provide flexible options for our clients through our pay-for-performance model that covers CPL, CPA, and a variety of pricing models. After all, our clients must delight in working with us as much as we do with them.

Traffic Generation

Machintel helps generate high-quality traffic and conversions for publishers and marketers. The traffic could be directed for particular promotions or for on-going customer engagement and sales.

We use a strongly data-driven marketing approach that focuses on targeted personas and matching customer data, and then add the strengths of SEO, paid advertising, social media, and most importantly, our proprietary community-based networks to drive large volumes of traffic for our clients.

We engage a variety of technologies and techniques across multiple marketing channels to not just drive traffic but also to measure and evaluate the success of different tactics and trials so our clients’ marketing efforts keep seeing increased success and ROI.

Data Services

Machintel provides a complete range of services to help our clients enhance their marketing programs by leveraging off of the foundation of a strong marketing database.

We provide customer insights and market intelligence data for our client’s target companies and markets, and we also work with clients to improve the quality and completeness of their existing databases through our data validation and enhancement services.

The data we provide includes business card information, company revenues, employee counts, SIC and NAICS codes, customer behaviour and profiles, and several other parameters to meet the specific data needs of our clients.

Search Engine

Search Marketing Optimization has become a critical part of every effective digital marketing strategy. A well thought out web design or product means nothing unless your target audience can find it. Machintel uses Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to connect your target audience with your website or product. We create tailored, data-driven campaigns for our clients to improve their online visibility, improve their search engine ranking and and to capture new users.

We use a number of different strategies to increase our clients search engine rankings, including an organic approach as well as paid advertising. Our SEO campaigns are trackable at every stage and deliver measurable results. We rely heavily on analytics to pinpoint successes and failures and to continuously improve our clients SEO efforts and effectively reach their target audiences.

Social Media

A solid social media marketing strategy is an essential piece of every successful marketing campaign and one of the most effective ways to engage your target audience. Machintel creates tailored data- driven social media marketing strategies for our clients that encourages engagement and conversation from your target audience. Our specialists strive to create transparency into our systems, providing our clients with analytics that tracks performance and trends.

We create quality content across many social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and other similar channels.

Paid Advertising

Machintel can help your business take advantage of the benefits that come from paid advertising no matter what industry your business is in. We strategically use different forms of paid advertising to maximize your online exposure to a wide-ranging audience. We offer Paid Search Engine (Google, Bing and Yahoo), Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social Media Advertising.

Machintel can create a custom paid advertising plan to maximize potential by launching ads on certain days of the week, during different times of the day, or geographically targeted. By using paid advertising you will improve the quality of traffic to your website while only paying for performance.

Email Marketing

Machintel provides full-service email marketing campaigns that will engage current customers while also adding new users. We deliver creative, customized, data-driven email marketing campaigns that are trackable at all stages. We partner with our clients to understand their business needs and targeted audience in order to support and execute an effective email campaign that fits our clients objectives and goals.

Machintel collaborates with our clients to design engaging and appealing email templates and content to maximize email marketing campaigns efforts.

Conversion Rate
Optimization (CRO)

At Machintel, we use Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO) tools and tactics to make sure that our clients are getting as many leads or customers as they possibly can. It is not only important to drive traffic to your website but to also optimize your conversions once they are there. We focus on creating quality landing pages and rely heavily on analytics to make our client’s campaigns as effective as possible.

Our experienced team creates user-friendly and easily navigable pages to make the conversion process as seamless as possible for potential customers. Using our team’s experience along with our data and analytics, Machintel will increase your conversions and continuously turn leads into customers.


Quality content is a necessity for every digital marketing strategy and proves extremely effective in driving superior leads to your business. Machintel curates customized content that engages your target audience while driving traffic to your website. Our specialists will develop an effective content marketing plan for your business that is consistent with your overall digital marketing strategy and catered to your guidelines.

Machintel creates a wide variety of content including white papers, blog posts, email marketing campaigns, newsletters, infographics, webinars, social media content, landing site, micro sites and more.

Content Syndication
& Distribution

Content Syndication and Distribution is a very effective way to grow your business by distributing your content across many different channels and reaching a lot more potential leads or customers than by solely posting on one site. Machintel uses content syndication networks to produce more online exposure to larger audiences for your business. It is a great way to build your business’s visibility and strengthen your reputation. If you are just starting out a business or growing your business, it is an effective way to get in front of different audiences.

Machintel also owns many different publishing sites that are accessible to our clients and we use to optimize content syndication.

Web & Mobile

Machintel offers our clients custom website and mobile application development or help with improving the ones they already have. We focus on our clients goals and objectives to create the most effective and useful websites and applications to build their businesses. Machintel prides ourselves on our ability to quickly develop websites and mobile applications by leveraging our talented 24/7 software development teams.

Our Software Development team can create websites across a variety of browsers and can build mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. We place a strong emphasis on quality and usability for all developed websites and applications to create an enjoyable user experience.

KPI Reporting
& Analytics

With all of Machintel’s services, we offer our clients KPI Reporting and Analytics to measure performance and to identify areas of success and areas that need improvement. The more data and analytics we have the better we can build a focused and successful campaign.

Machintel relies heavily on KPI Reporting and Analytics to ensure our clients success. We believe that in order to make smart decisions and add value to your business we need a strong understanding of what metics and KPI’s are most important to you and formulate a plan to reach your digital marketing goals. We use KPI Reporting and Analytics to continuously track each campaign and collaborate with our clients to find trends and solutions.

New in our services


Machintel is expanding its data services to agencies and publishers through Pomergranite™ - its new DMP based on Adobe Audience Manager™ architecture and Machintel’s proprietary Mathemachic™ analytics engine. With the use of Pomergranite’s segmentation and AI-based heuristic technology, companies will be able to access better insights from customer data as well as superior DSP performance for informed media planning and buying.


Machintel’s program with Google App Indexing is targeted towards helping companies use app indexing and deep linking to get out of the age of “dark search” and thereby dramatically improve the effectiveness of their search optimization and leverage their paid advertising activities. App Indexing has the potential for tsunami type effects on industry-wide SEO practices and Machintel is helping app publishers use these technologies to improve SERP rankings.