The Future of Event Planning, Marketing, and Networking is the world's first advanced event insights and intelligence application. At its heart is advanced hybrid technology that layers social networking and knowledge graphs with the world’s largest databases on events to capture the interactions and dynamics of your industry’s event ecosystem. is designed to cater to the different needs of marketers and the event ecosystem's key players: organizers, sponsors, suppliers, speakers, and attendees. By harnessing the power of our advanced algorithms, users gain access to unparalleled insights, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.’s intelligent technology makes everything about events smarter, ensuring every event you plan, sponsor, or attend is not only successful but also impactful.

Navigating The Challenges With Events

Event marketers navigate a complex events landscape filled with unique challenges in their efforts to achieve marketing success through events - some of which include:

Event Selection and Alignment

Misaligned event choices lead to mediocre impact, uninspiring participation, and wasted time, effort, and money.

Audience Insights and Personalization

Lack of insights about audience preferences risks creating generic content that fails to resonate.

Measuring Impact and Benefits

Inadequate measurement makes it difficult to justify event marketing investments and optimize future strategies.

Networking and Engagement

Failing to facilitate meaningful connections leads to a lackluster networking experience and missed opportunities.

Hybrid Event Execution

Poor execution of hybrid events leading to a disjointed experience that undermines engagement and alienates both in-person and virtual attendees.

Adapting to Industry Dynamics

Not keeping pace with event marketing trends and attendee expectations result in outdated strategies that fail to capture interest and participation. for Smarter Events was created specifically to overcome these hurdles:

Strategic Event Alignment

Solves the issue of resource misallocation and low returns on event marketing spend by leveraging AI and comprehensive analytics to align marketing goals with the most suitable events.

Tailored Audience Engagement

Addresses the challenge of engaging diverse audiences with generic content by utilizing detailed audience data analytics to create personalized marketing strategies.

Precision in Impact Analysis

Tackles the difficulty of quantifying event marketing impact and making informed strategic decisions by offering sophisticated measurement tools for detailed performance insights.

Dynamic Networking Facilitation

Overcomes the obstacle of lackluster networking experiences at events by providing advanced networking intelligence that fosters meaningful connections among participants.

Seamless Hybrid Event Management

Counters the complexities of managing hybrid events and engaging both in-person and virtual attendees by integrating specialized insights to plan a cohesive event experience.

Agile Market Responsiveness

Prevents the use of outdated event marketing strategies in a rapidly evolving industry by continuously analyzing real-time market data and trends for adaptable planning.

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Results and Benefits of Leveraging

Building better campaigns starts with choosing a better partner. This is what a partnership with Machintel brings:

Increased Event Impact

Leveraging smart event selection increases marketing returns, ensuring resources are allocated to opportunities that best match your strategic goals.

Enhanced Attendee Engagement

Personalized engagement strategies driven by deep audience insights lead to greater attendee satisfaction and stronger brand connections.

Data-Driven Decisions

Access to comprehensive event analytics allows for precise measurement of outcomes, enabling smarter, evidence-based marketing decisions.

Stronger Professional Networks

Advanced networking intelligence facilitates meaningful interactions, significantly enhancing the quality of professional relationships formed at events.

Engaging Hybrid Experiences

Specialized insights for hybrid events create seamless, engaging experiences for both in-person and virtual attendees, boosting overall participation.

Adaptive Marketing Strategies

Real-time insights into market trends and attendee preferences ensure marketing strategies remain agile and aligned with current industry dynamics.

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