About us

A trusted marketing partner for 22 years running

We are

Founded in 1999, Machintel is a full-service B2B marketing company serving some of the world’s best business organizations and their marketing goals. We strive to be amongst the most innovative online marketing and digital media companies so you can deliver digital customer experiences that enable you to thrive in any market. Our 22 years of experience and presence in more than 16 industries make us your reliable partner for customer acquisition at scale.

Our team comprises of experienced professionals and experts who have the expertise you want to generate impact and achieve business outcomes. We are a mix of data science enthusiasts, campaign experts, email marketing mavens, and SEO specialists who help you confidently bring any strategy to life.

Making a difference

Machintel has been a trusted partner to marketing companies for over 22 years. Machintel was founded in 1999 by alumni of MIT in Cambridge, MA to assist clients with their digital marketing needs.

16+ Industries

Machintel assists its partners in meeting the needs of their clients in several industry verticals and across a wide range of markets. The industry verticals where Machintel has conducted campaigns are IT; banking, accounting and financial services; insurance; marketing; healthcare; entertainment; travel and hospitality; retail and wholesale; food and beverage; transportation and logistics; government; not-for-profit organizations; and education and training.

3700+ Campaigns per year

Machintel designs and conducts over 300 campaigns each month for its partners. The larger partner relationships require fulfilment of 24,000 to 25,000 leads per month distributed across campaigns for several of their clients. We are also often brought in to run fast-turnaround campaigns to help our partners meet their clients’ more pressing lead goals.

120+ Countries

Machintel regularly conducts geo-targeted campaigns targeted towards prospects and leads from well over 120 countries spread over 6 continents. Campaign geographies are also often defined by regions or groupings of countries, such as North America, Latin America (LATAM countries), EU groups of countries (like BENELUX, the Nordics, DACH), ASEAN, GCC, APAC, and the like.

Our values

Our values are intrinsic to everything we do. They direct the course of our actions so we can deliver not just good service and great results but foster long-term partnerships.

Customer Oriented

Customer-centricity is at the heart of our aspirations. Everything we do is driven by the goal of providing value to our customers and their customers.

Inclusivity & Diversity

We take pride in bringing a blend of qualities, ideas, visions, and skills to the table. We believe diversity in the workforce and of ideas leads to the most innovative outcomes.

Ingenuity & Focus

We strive to bring ingenuity to every step of every process so that we take the best possible road to achieve results for our clients.


We believe that work should speak for itself. That is why our collective spirit is driven to achieve stellar performance every time we show up at work.