Marketing, but Smarter for Agencies

Tackling Your Agency's Biggest Challenges with Intelligent, Data-Driven Solutions

Marketing, but Smarter for Agencies

Tackling Today's Biggest Agency Challenges with Intelligent, Data-Driven Solutions

The Challenge

Too much pressure, so little time and resources 

Marketing agencies are in the hot seat, facing mounting pressures and evolving challenges. Tightening client budgets mean doing more for less, while clients demand transparent, measurable results. With a trend towards in-housing marketing and a surge in specialized competition, agencies must continuously prove their value and effectiveness.
The Solution

Data-Driven Strategies for Outstanding Results

At Machintel, we understand these unique pressures. Our 'Marketing but Smarter' approach is tailored to elevate your agency's creativity, efficiency, and ability to provide measurable gains.  So who is Machintel? We're your digital accelerator in the B2B marketing space, offering a comprehensive suite of services, from lead generation to event promotion. With over 24 years of experience, we're equipped to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your campaigns.

Custom-Fit Solutions for Unique Agency Needs

Recognizing that each agency is distinct, Machintel offers bespoke solutions. Our strategies are meticulously crafted to align with your specific goals, ensuring that every campaign resonates with your clients and their audiences.

Why Machintel for Events?

Data-Driven Campaigns

Harness our database of 275 million business contacts for precise targeting, leading to a 3x increase in customer engagement.

AI-Enhanced Precision

Utilize our AI-driven ID graph technology and identity resolution for more accurate and impactful marketing strategies.

Effective Campaign Execution

Leverage our experience in running 4,500 campaigns annually for enhanced performance in programmatic ads and personalized marketing.

The 'Marketing, But Smarter' Approach at Machintel

In-Depth Data Analysis

Dive deep into extensive data sources, using comprehensive customer information and market trends to refine your campaign targeting.

Advanced AI for Identity Resolution

Our AI technology identifies and understands your audience across platforms, ensuring precise and effective marketing.

Tailored Marketing

By understanding your audience better, we craft marketing efforts that connect more effectively, building lasting relationships.

Find your audience. Make connections.

Leveraging our publication network means your brand's message is not just distributed widely; it's strategically placed where it will have the most impact. Our network of readers rely on these publications for information, education, and entertainment - and we can get your content in the spotlight. 

Whether you're aiming for thought leadership in your industry or looking to engage with a niche audience, Machintel's publications offer the perfect platform for marketers. 

Time to be featured in a Machintel publication!

Now is the perfect time to amplify your brand's voice through our specialized publications. Reach out to us, and let's explore how we can position your content to resonate with the right audience, in the right industry, at the right time.

Your gateway to tapping into your ideal audience