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NGOs are an essential voluntary sector of the civil society contributing to the development process and sociopolitical issues. The nonprofit sector plays an important role by forming a partnership with government and civil society organizations. NGOs have developed into major players in global politics having the ability to influence policy-making decisions on a worldwide scale. Challenges arise when conflict of interest comes to the fore, hence accountability, funding, and transparency in functioning has become an issue with both government and NGOs. Digital regulations and privacy legislation policies like GDPR have made NGOs accountable to the laws of the land on which they operate, providing them with legal channels to carry out their development work efficiently. At Deck 7, our experts understand the digital outreach strategy that works. Our digital solutions push our clients to the forefront by connecting communities with their brand.


4 Success Factors Non-Profit Marketers Cannot Afford To Avoid
Nonprofits can use digital marketing efforts to drive growth and create impact for their cause. In recent years, nonprofits have seen encouraging results from using digital marketing to get their cause recognized and in touch with their communities. Digital marketing is a low cost and effective tool for all nonprofits around the world. Deck 7 can help nonprofits generate more results with our experience in the below areas.


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Non-profit, Non-governmental organizations

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