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The real estate and construction sector has an unmediated correlation with economic growth because of its direct, forward and backward linkages with other sectors of the economy. Technology advancement and digital transformation of our society is transforming many industries and ‘Real estate and Construction’ is no exception. The need to adapt to the changing environment and stodgy state of the industry has necessitated embracing of disruptive technology trends such as AI, machine learning, prop-Tech, 3-D walkthroughs, home automation, and green designs. Deck 7's marketing and digital solutions enable our clients to lead the sector with domestic and overseas exposure. Our experts are committed to finding the right innovative strategies and propositions to navigate the digital space and enhance market growth capabilities.


5 Success Factors Real Estate Marketers Cannot Afford To Avoid
The importance of digital marketing cannot be denied in any business. Not only does it allow an organization to reach a wider section of the audience but it also provides its existing customers with an easy way to communicate with the company. However, when it comes to real estate business, digital marketing forms a prominent strategy for luring in the customers and selling the houses at a higher price to earn commission.


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