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The e-learning industry has taken the digital revolution a notch up and put education on a global scale. With the easy availability of MOOCs and other online learning and training programs, the tutor and learner from all parts of the world have come closer. But challenges like technology integration, decreased state funding, lower world rankings, and diminishing international student enrolments pose a major threat to the digital advancement of the industry. On account of a more inclusive and diverse global workforce, employee training and development have seen a major shift towards cognitive, psychological, emotional, and soft skills training across all levels. For training and education organizations, Deck 7 provides an array of services that include multi-channel marketing, targeting and reaching the right audience in multiple geographies, data-driven campaigns, and social marketing.


4 Key Factors For Successful Education Marketing
The education industry is both vast and competitive. The biggest hurdle for most educational programs is being able to stand out from all the different options that each person has available to them. If you want your organization to stand out, digital marketing is the perfect solution. With so many different educational and training programs, both traditional and online, without a digital marketing plan in place, yours will go unnoticed.


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