Machintel Demand

Intelligent Campaign Management

Unified strategies, consistent messaging, superior leads, and one partner in crime.

A New Era of B2B Marketing

Traditional methods of B2B marketing simply aren’t as effective as they were 5 years ago. Machintel elevates the game with a "marketing, but smarter" philosophy. Our approach blends advanced AI and intent data, ensuring every marketing move you make is not just precise, but also impactful. Embrace the future of marketing, where every decision is backed by data, every action resonates with your target audience, and the stress of campaign management is no longer yours to shoulder alone.

Smarter Solutions for Every Marketing Challenge

Not Enough Quality Leads?

Whether you want to promote your latest and greatest ebook or an upcoming webinar, we can help. With our state-of-the-art AI technology and vast data reserves, we can get your content seen by the people that matter to your company most. At Machintel, it's not about merely generating leads; it's about building lasting connections with higher ROI.

ABM Targeting Missing the Mark?

Experience meticulously crafted campaigns that go beyond generic targeting. By zeroing in on individual accounts and personas, we ensure every interaction resonates deeply and effectively.

Need to Improve Campaign ROI?

Beyond metrics and numbers, our performance marketing strategies deliver actionable results. With Machintel, every dollar you invest is a step towards sustainable growth and an undeniable ROI. Reduce CPL's while bringing in better leads.

Require Additional Help?

Think of it as having a state-of-the-art marketing department at your fingertips, minus the overheads. Whether you're a start-up or an enterprise, our Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) adapts to ensure you're always able to deliver on plans.

Content Need Some Help?

Cut through the digital clutter. Our content solutions, ranging from research reports to captivating narratives, position yourself as the definitive authority in your domain.

Why Choose Machintel Demand? 

Global Footprint

Dive into a network that touches 190 countries and taps into 275+ million contacts. Your campaigns won't just cast a wider net, they'll hit the mark every time.

Track Record that Speaks

4,500 campaigns a year, boosted by 30+ publications? That's not just work, that's art. And when the big names in the industry lean on us, you know we're onto something special.

Real Results, No Fluff

Our expansive data pool, with 5.5 billion MAID records and 650 million unique device IDs, ensures that every dime you spend is directed towards quality leads.

Strategists Who've Seen It All

24 years isn't just a number; it's a legacy. Our team's crafted winning strategies for the likes of HP, Citrix, and DocuSign. Ready for us to do the same for you?

What Industry Leaders Are Saying…

"We've noticed a marked improvement in our live viewerships. The Machintel team is truly top-notch!"

Kristen Kuber
Senior Manager, Go2Market | 451 research

“Your dedication and expertise have fueled our campaign successes and driven our growth.”

Kevin Nolan
Senior Director, Strategic Accounts | LightReading

“With a tight deadline looming for our webinar, the Machintel team stepped up, ensuring its success.”

Kathryn McDonagh
Head of EMEA Marketing | SAP Sales Cloud

Transform Your Marketing Approach with Machintel. It’s time for your marketing to get way, way smarter.