Machintel Data

Turn Data into Campaign Brilliance

Marketing smarter starts with better data, better data starts and ends with Machintel

Machintel's Data Advantage

Data isn't just any piece of the marketing puzzle; it's the centerpiece. With Machintel, every marketing decision is smarter, fueled by insights that make a real difference in customer acquisition, retention, and personalization. Demand better data- you owe it to yourself. Speak to one of our data experts to get better data and build better campaigns today.

Need Better Data?

Navigate our extensive B2B data reservoir—boasting over 5.5 billion MAID records—and ensure that your outreach is laser-focused. With data from 31 publications across 16 industries and 190 countries, every campaign you run benefits from targeted precision, and optimal ROI.

Data Out-of-Date?

Data decay is real! Step up the quality of your campaigns with our data enrichment and augmentation services. Enhance your existing datasets, ensuring your marketing operates not on just any data, but on the gold standard. Never make a decision based on outdated data again.

Data Deliverability Issues?

Don't get bogged down with compatibility issues. Integrate our expansive B2B data seamlessly with your existing CRM, marketing platforms, and more, ensuring a smooth flow and maximum utility.

Unique Data Requirements?

Every business is unique. Get data solutions tailored to fit your specific needs, ensuring your strategies are as unique as your business goals with customizable API and development solutions.

Why Machintel Data is Your Game-Changer:

Redefine Your B2B Marketing Strategy

At Machintel, we see data differently. It's not just numbers; it's the key to smarter marketing. Work with us and watch your campaigns get sharper, connect more effectively, and hit the mark every time. Because with the right data, it's all about marketing, but smarter.

Ready to experience the Machintel difference? It's time to make data your biggest ally.