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Unveiling Machintel’s Extensive Publication Network

Machintel's array of 31 publications connects with a wide spectrum of industries, offering specialized content that resonates with distinct audiences. From technology and healthcare to finance and government, our publications are tailored to deliver industry-specific insights and trends

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Industry-Specific Publications for Targeted Reach


Technology & IT

Dive deep into the world of IT with publications like "IT Infrastructure Report," "Information Security Report," and "Data Analytics Report," offering cutting-edge insights into IT trends and innovations.


Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape with "Healthcare Report," "Pharmaceutical Report," and "Biotechnology Report."


Engineering & Manufacturing

Gain industry insights with "Manufacturing Report" and "Engineering Report," focusing on the latest in engineering and manufacturing developments.


Finance & Banking

Explore financial trends with "Capital Report," catering to professionals in banking, accounting, and financial services.


Marketing & Advertising

Stay ahead in the marketing realm with "Channel Report," "ABM Report," and "Advertising Report," providing the latest in marketing strategies and trends.


Transportation & Logistics

Discover sector-specific knowledge in "Wheels Report" and "Aviation Report," highlighting key aspects of transportation and logistics.


Entertainment, Travel, & Hospitality

Engage with the vibrant world of travel and entertainment through "Travel Report" and "Entertainment Report."


Real Estate & Construction

Stay updated with market movements in real estate with "RE Report."


Education & Training:

Enlighten yourself with the latest in education and development through "Education Report."


Renewable Energy

Delve into sustainable solutions with "Green Energy Report."


Government & Policy

Understand the intricacies of government and policy with "Government Report" and "Policy Report."

The Machintel Edge in Publications

Our publications are more than just sources of information; they are platforms for targeted engagement, offering:

Global Reach

Spanning over 190 countries, our publications connect your brand with a global audience.

Targeted Industry Focus

Each publication is finely tuned to its respective industry, ensuring relevant and impactful content.

Expert-Driven Content

Contributions from industry leaders and experts lend credibility and depth to the insights shared.

Find your audience. Make connections.

Leveraging our publication network means your brand's message is not just distributed widely; it's strategically placed where it will have the most impact. Our network of readers rely on these publications for information, education, and entertainment - and we can get your content in the spotlight.

Whether you're aiming for thought leadership in your industry or looking to engage with a niche audience, Machintel's publications offer the perfect platform for marketers. 

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