We’re Bringing Smarter B2B Marketing to the London Forrester Summit

Sep 22, 2023

In the modern era of B2B marketing, the rules of the game have changed. With the rapid evolution of marketing strategies and platforms, businesses are in a race not just to keep up, but to be ahead. This is where Machintel steps in, not only to lead but also to redefine the standards. We’re excited to bring “Marketing, but Smarter” to London this October. Will you meet us there?

Why "Marketing, but Smarter"?

It's not just a cute tagline—it's our entire philosophy. It’s how we approach every challenge and every solution we offer. The power of AI combined with intent data is reshaping how marketing decisions are made. By ensuring every move is laser-focused, we guarantee results that speak for themselves: better engagement, genuine customer relationships, and a rise in conversions.

With Machintel, you're partnering with a truly global force. We operate seamlessly across 190 countries, ensuring your brand's message resonates worldwide. Our expansive database boasts a robust 275 million contacts, so every campaign strikes the right chord. And speaking of campaigns, our team has crafted over 4,500 of them annually, each one tailored with precision to ensure optimal results.

We’re bringing the best of marketing to London

The Forrester B2B Summit, EMEA 2023, set in the vibrant heart of London, is right around the corner. It's more than just another event for us—it's an opportunity to connect, share, and grow. We're excited to showcase our strategies, solutions, and success stories. But it’s not all talk. Bryan Gissiner, our VP of Business Development, will be sharing insights on how brands, big and small, have harnessed Machintel's data-driven solutions to improve their marketing results.

For those eager to delve deeper, our dedicated landing page offers a comprehensive view of what to expect from Machintel at the summit.

Don’t miss out: Join us and future-proof your team!

The future of B2B marketing looks dramatically different from the past – it’s going to be smarter, more intuitive, and more rewarding. Don’t fall behind! We encourage you to attend this event to learn about marketing trends of the future and to get in front of AI- and data- driven approaches. We hope to see you in London. Book a time with us!

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