Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics You Shouldn’t Ignore

Aug 27, 2020

Conversion rate optimization

A successful CRO campaign won’t just save your time, money, and efforts but also help you discover new growth strategies for your business. When executed right, CRO uncovers useful customer behavior insights as well as important tips on how to better optimize the user experience (UX) to meet your goals.

But how do you pull off an effective campaign that drives results? According to this blog by VWO, a successful CRO campaign can be achieved by understanding and following this scientific process:


In this constantly changing industry, marketing teams are structured to drive traffic towards their websites which will then convert into leads for the sales teams to close. Simply put, an effective CRO campaign will give you more from your existing traffic so that your content can work smarter and not harder.

When Is the Right Time to Execute CRO?

First things first, your sales and marketing teams must consistently attract visitors for you to start working on your CRO execution plan. There’s always a high demand for businesses to find products and services that cater to their offerings so it’s crucial to make the most of your existing website traffic. You can rely on tools such as Google’s global market finder to find out what your potential customer demand is. Once you’ve determined the margin, it’s time to start working on how to get more out of your existing website traffic. HubSpot came up with three formulas that can be used to figure out how to tackle CRO at your company, depending on your goals:

New revenue goal ÷ average sales price = of new customers

# of new customers ÷ lead-to-customer close rate % = lead goal

Leads generated ÷ website traffic X100 = % conversion rate

Sometimes, instead of being nurtured by marketing offers, your website visitors might want to get straight down to business and speak with the sales rep. You can make this process easier by combining thoughtful design and smart CTAs. Make sure you produce clear, compelling copy if you want to drive action and increase conversion for your business.

Lead generation is the first step towards attracting and engaging customers through your website. This obviously involves gathering their information through various means such as forms, sign-ups, surveys, etc. and then converting them into loyal, recurring customers. It’s your duty as a B2B company, to help customers find what they’re looking for, capture their interest, and support their decision.

Case Study: by Changing the CTA Copy, This Saas Company Saw a Drastic Increase in Conversions

By optimizing the exact phrasing of its software website CTA button, MES software was able to increase its leads. The team tested two kinds of copy – industry-oriented copy vs. value-oriented copy, to see which one would convert higher. 

Case Study

The first (MES Software) was targeted towards industry experts who would hopefully react to the specific copy. The second (Free) was for everyone else. The results were quite interesting:

"MES Software" Results: 8.18% increase in conversions

"Free" Results: 9.49% increase in conversions

The team found that targeting CTA copy towards the target market's vocabulary works quite well, but emphasizing that the asset is free of charge eliminates nearly all friction from the experience, resulting in a serious increase in conversions.

Running CRO campaigns has become a mainstream effort now. There are lots of strategies and best practices available out there but at the end of the day, you need to figure out what your customers respond to. To learn more about CRO refer to our earlier blog posts and do let us know you thoughts below.

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