Digital Marketing Strategies for Pharma

Aug 9, 2022

Pharma Digital marketing

Since 2019, the pharma industry has been facing challenges like no other. The pandemic has put tremendous pressure on consistent sustainability, and thus, customers are becoming increasingly aware of their buying patterns. This has compelled the pharma industry to deliver nothing but the best!

With the rise of competition in the pharma industry, it has become crucial to devise strategic plans that include a data-driven and customer-focused approach to maximize profits while delivering the best quality. 

Implementing digital marketing strategies for pharma in 2022 implies evaluating digital communications and value delivery. If pharma industries have to sustain in an era wherein the customer is becoming more knowledgable and proactive, they have to adapt to the digital-first strategy.

This article will discuss the vital pharma marketing strategies that help convert more healthcare and pharma customers.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Pharma

Before we start, let us discuss the main challenge a pharma company faces.

A pharma company needs to crucially navigate through large amounts of data and filter the essential ones. The amount of data that a pharma company has to deal with is massive. Thus, it must implement the correct pharma marketing strategies by setting its main organizational  objectives and key priorities.

Let us look closely at some of the key pharma marketing strategies that provide marketing solutions to the current and upcoming challenges.

Implement the Race Framework

The initial stage of the RACE framework is planning. Although it does not constitute the RACE funnel, planning forms an integral part of the strategy.

The race framework is an effective, efficient, and agile approach to digital marketing for pharmaceutical organizations. It addresses all the challenges of pharma's digital marketing strategies.

The RACE framework proves its worth at every stage, from generating and converting leads to engaging and retaining customers.

Although it is structured like the vintage marketing funnel, it helps the industry build pharma digital marketing strategies by covering the entire customer lifecycle.

RACE Framework

Plan Your Strategy

Nowadays, customers are aware of the medications they buy. Not only the medication, but they are also mindful of the brands and substitutes for the types of medications. Moreover, to add to the awareness behavior, there are prime time slots on news and documentaries to make customers aware of their pharma consumption.

Planning your digital marketing services to develop strategies that fulfill customers' needs and preferences is essential to understanding consumers.

It will help persuade them that you only offer the best at reasonable prices. 


Reach out to the audience on various platforms.

You need to reach out to your customers and make them aware of your brand. Instead of the customer searching online for your medicine, you should devise plans to reach the customer to meet their demands.

It would be best to reach out to healthcare consumers through campaign-focused marketing tools at the different stages of their buying journey. 

When you reach the customer instead of the customer reaching you, it maximizes leads and sales while delivering a seamless customer experience.


You should interact using various interactive tools like blogs, websites, social media, etc.

One of the best things to include in your digital marketing strategies for pharma in 2022 should be interacting with marketers on various platforms to provide legitimate and valuable information.

In an era where fake news and misinformation are on the rise, healthcare brands have an opportunity to reach their consumers with legitimate information. Therefore, interacting with healthcare customers is essential, even in B2B marketing.


You need to convert through e-commerce platforms and product promotions.

Once you understand what marketers are looking for, you can deliver them through e-commerce platforms or practicing account-based marketing. 

It’s time to know your audience’s demands and where the customer is in their buying journey. Then, start implementing measures that urge them to take measurable actions.


Pharma is a competitive industry. You need to be in touch with your customers and set retention goals. 

Always be the first to inform your customers about changes or developments in the healthcare industry. Such informative and straightforward tips through emails, direct mail, webinars, and more can help keep customers loyal. 

You need to go beyond the traditional CRM and invest in creating lifetime value for customers. Try optimizing your digital marketing for pharmaceuticals and go the extra mile to engage and retain your customers.

Contract Marketing

Contract marketing has seen a steady rise from 2018 to 2021. Statistics state that the pharmaceutical industry’s value will reach US$1.5 trillion from 2022 to 2030. 

This is due to the rise of contract marketing between pharma companies, start-ups, big brands, and their customers. It will strengthen manufacturing and distribution supply chains beyond the ordinary. 

When you outsource services, you have time to concentrate on your core business and devise plans for a better pharma future!

Omnichannel Focus

The B2B industry is evolving and becoming customer-centric like the B2C industry. The marketing strategy revolves around the customer rather than the product.

Thus, the omnichannel approach is one of the trendsetters in digital marketing strategies for pharma in 2022. This personalized omnichannel approach ensures that you understand customer behavior and preferences before marketing the product.

Thanks to the amalgamation of AI and ML, you have access to quality and timely data to make marketing decisions.

Knowledge Before Action

Before implementing digital marketing for pharmaceuticals, you must concentrate on the current scenario. Many things have changed post-pandemic and are evolving continuously. 

Here is a set of questions that need suitable answers to know your audience and the marketers you are targeting. 

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are they looking for in the pharmaceutical industry? What are their demands?
  • Where can you communicate with them or bring your presence to them?
  • Why will they choose you over other pharma companies? State your reasons for being unique.
  • Are you ready to solve their challenges? Do you have the required infrastructure and resources?

These questions form the basis of a healthcare strategy. Their answers will guide you to more educated, tech-savvy, and valuable customers.

Evolve With SEO

The success of any healthcare strategy is incomplete without the correct implementation of SEO. 

The fact is that COVID-19 has forced healthcare systems to go digital. 

As the healthcare system set priorities for meeting patients' physical needs, patients with basic aches and allergy problems had to turn to the internet for answers. 

The same case was with B2B marketing. Hospitals had to get in touch with pharma brands through online methods. Many decision-makers ask Siri and Alexa for solutions.

Thus, the need to evolve with SEO arises. Your digital marketing strategies for pharma in 2022 should incorporate SEO according to consumer needs. With SEO for pharma, optimize your strategy to rank better with the use of SEO for pharma.

Make Optimum Use of Technology

It's high time that pharma digital marketing strategies incorporate artificial reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and machine learning (ML) to enhance marketing. 

With the advent of the metaverse, the digital world is about to change forever, and the pharma industry must be the one to adopt the change at the earliest.

The times have passed when you physically interacted, engaged, or educated your buyers about your brand, products, or disease awareness. 

The new era of VR and AI gives a robust creative pallet to sell or educate your buyers about your brand and services. Thus, incorporating the above technologies into your digital marketing services will give you the high ground to engage influencers and score a competitive advantage.

Final Thoughts on Healthcare Strategy

Since 2019, the pharmaceutical industry has been going through its most turbulent time. But it did overcome the hurdle of working in a fast-paced, burdened, and eventful environment. It emerged as a winner in providing immediate solutions to the newly arising questions. 

Thus, the industry only needs to implement the best digital marketing strategies for pharma in 2022. Then, by adopting the above approaches, they can achieve sustainable success in the pharma industry, despite the challenging times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pharma industry’s significant digital marketing change in 2022?

The significant changes in terms of digital marketing for the pharma industry will be the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and machine learning (ML).

Pharma industries will use these technologies to create marketing campaigns, enhance customer experiences, and meet the demands of their consumers in the best possible way.

What is the major challenge for pharma’s digital marketing strategies?

The main challenge for the pharma industry is to filter the correct clients from the massive database of customers and target the right ones. Once pharma companies have access to qualified and crucial clients, they can build their digital marketing strategy accordingly.

What are the main components of digital marketing in the pharma industry?

  • Content marketing.
  • Create and sustain a brand reputation.
  • Interact with the audience on various platforms.
  • Target decision-makers on the platforms where they are available.
  • Engage with customers and retain them.
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