6 Easy Steps to B2B Video Marketing Campaigns

Dec 12, 2019

B2B video marketing


Haven't you all come across these terms?

Evolution in marketing has gone through various stages.

It could be anything like touting, pitching a product, or wooing the customers.

Digital marketing strategies tend to keep changing with time. Thanks to the advancing technology. Blogs and articles play a vital role in marketing. But when it comes to the impact, nothing proves better than video marketing. Today the online video has proved to be more effective in terms of sales conversion.

Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research suggests, "If a picture is worth 1000 words then a social video is worth 1.8 million words."

Evolution in marketing can be seen clearly from this. This is why today's articles are being replaced by infographics and blog post or vlogs.

Though text formats in marketing are helpful they seem to be less effective today. Marketing through images is a rising trend. Images speak more than words. However, a product video is the most effective. A video strategy brings in more retention and so the sales conversion is also higher.

Videos make the words alive. They also boost information retention for B2B businesses.

Some statistical data that gives a glimpse of rising video marketing trends in 2017-2019.

Wyzowl statistics suggest, '81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool which has risen up from 63% in 2017' while '84% of consumers have turned to potential buyers after watching a video'.

Video marketing Analysis

According to Forrester Research, 'emails with videos attached boost the click-through rate by 200 to 300%.

A survey by Renderforest suggested, video usage has increased users website traffic by 78%, while 71% of them believes that the average time on their website has increased, 69% of users claimed that they have generated more leads with the help of video content, and 54% of users increased their sales.

Video user survey

Here are 6 easy steps in creating your B2B Video marketing campaign:

1. Build Your Video Story

Storytelling: Story is the most important component when we think of a video strategy. A good story not only converts sales but also connects the audience with the associated brand. It leaves a sign of brand awareness in the customer's mind. The story serves to be the lifeline of any video marketing campaign. Pitching a video can definitely boost your sales and help you reach your marketing goals. However, according to o customer testimonials, it has been found that short videos are more likely to be viewed by the audience than the longer ones. Including this strategy in your video advertising plan can definitely escalate your marketing automation efforts. 

It is always advisable to follow the current trends while creating your B2B marketing video campaigns because you never know when your video goes viral or tops the charts in the search engine. 

2. Relevant Images

Your video must contain relevant images that can go with the story so as your target audience relates to it. After all, a picture is worth 1000 words. Pictures like company logos and emblems play a vital role in your video marketing campaigns. It is advisable to use good quality pictures to include in your video production process in order to generate high-quality videos. Pictorial presentations on a landing page or even a blog post always leave an imprint on the mind hence boosting the chances of sales conversion. It further helps in targeting and reaching a larger audience within the stipulated time.

Remember: 'A video with relevant images is worth than the one with random images because pictures do tell your brand story'.

3. Publish Your Video

Understanding your audience while publishing videos can actually positively affect your digital marketing strategy. People tend to relate and connect easily if your video follows the demography of a place and the time when it is published. Any personalized video is bound to get more views and likes than any other randomly suggested video clip. 

For example, usage of personification like Uncle Sam in your videos may be more relevant to the U.S. during the presidential elections. Likewise, videos promoting campaigns like the super bowl events tend to drive traffic in the region where the event is happening.

It is necessary to set your campaign goals. It's better to optimize your videos and target for each channel. Your video should represent your brand story and clearly focus on conveying your message on your targetted social media channel.

4. Specify a Call to Action

Video call to action

After your published video is watched, it is always important to have a very clear call to action at the end. It could be anything from newsletter signup, taking the viewer to your store site, recommending them to visit your social platforms else purchasing a product from your E-commerce site depending on your objectives. It is of utmost importance to keep your internet users engaged and connected. They should get a clear idea of the next process and how they will benefit from the completion of that process. This makes the viewer sail through the process while building a connection. Follow your viewers against these actions and closely analyze their behavior to hunt market opportunities.

The ideal call to action is short and direct, outlining a single action that the customer needs to take, such as downloading a whitepaper, report, or scheduling an appointment online or calling the company. People always recognize marketing efforts that keep them engaged.

Eventually, an appropriate video marketing strategy can definitely boost your B2B video marketing campaign.

5. Integrate Your Campaign

Your video marketing campaign should be extensively integrated into media platforms and different websites. It must be able to highlight its presence across all social media platforms that's when it will reflect the updated video marketing statistics. Email, newsletters, content marketing, whitepapers can further create value for your video marketing campaigns. A well-integrated campaign video marketing strategy increases the chance to lift your marketing performance to new heights.

‘CONNECT - ENGAGE - FOLLOW’, should be your marketing mantra.

6. Reviews and Testimonials

As a B2B marketer Always take time out to learn the reviews of your videos to know what customers think of your campaigns. Analyze these reviews to improve your video marketing campaigns. Value your customers for the inputs and feedbacks they give. According to Bright Local, 85% of consumers turn to online reviews from an influencer or other social media reviews posted through Instagram stories, YouTube reviews, and more to find out if a company is reputable.

A trending video campaign will always find a place in the buzzing market.

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