Engagio Announces New ABM Automation Solution 'Orchestrate'

May 11, 2020

ABM automation

Engagio, the leader in B2B marketing engagement software, has launched Engagio Orchestrate, a new marketing solution that enables revenue teams to design and automate high-impact plays across channels such as advertising, sales engagement, marketing automation, direct mail, and CRM. The solution is designed to help teams target accounts during each point of the buying journey to build audiences for personalized campaign efforts. Built by the experts that built Marketo, Orchestrate is the first and only account based marketing (ABM) solution that enables companies to target people, accounts, and buying groups at every stage of the account journey. 

“As buying becomes increasingly nonlinear, the traditional model where Marketing generates and passes new business leads to Sales is looking increasingly outdated,” said Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio. “Rather than a hand-off baton pass, winning Marketing and Sales teams today operate as a team, working together to create a pipeline, win deals, and drive account growth. The Engagio Orchestrate solution is the first marketing technology that takes the best parts of traditional lead-based demand generation and combines it with the best of account based marketing to foster this kind of integrated teamwork.”

Engagio Orchestrate Enables Marketers To:

  • Streamline plays such as automatically activating advertising or sales campaigns for target accounts that go cold
  • Reach out to target accounts that show ‘surging’ interest for their solutions
  • Alert account executives to new engagement from executives at target accounts that were previously lost
  • Nurture open opportunities that stall out

“With Engagio, we have a consistent view of people and accounts that lets us measure engagement and program impact, and align marketing and sales into a tight team,” said Emily Ketchum, Global Marketing Operations at Fuze, the leading global cloud communications and collaboration software platform designed for the enterprise. “Now, with Engagio Orchestrate, we can manage audiences of people and accounts and launch relevant actions across channels, ensuring the right message at each stage of the customer journey. Best of all, it all works automatically, saving hours I was previously spending to create and upload lists manually.”

Engagio Orchestrate’s Other Features Include:

  • Cross-channel plays that automate actions in response to account activity
  • Account-based advertising to manage audiences through platforms such as LinkedIn
  • Automated customer data management with features such as Create Task, Change Data, and Add to Campaign
  • Streamlined plays that automatically activate campaigns for cold accounts
  • Engagement alerts that show account executives’ activity of a lost account

A lot of B2B marketers are familiar with Engagio because of its Dash product, which helps manage multi-touch attribution campaigns and better understand the impact of sales interactions on account progression. Engagio Orchestrate is not a replacement for Dash but will provide a way for customers to execute those best-performing strategies efficiently and at scale.

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