5 Reasons Why B2B Marketers Must Optimize Mobile

Mar 5, 2019

Mobile optimization

As the world of marketing continues to expand, so do the channels in which messaging is received. For years B2B buyers would use personal relationships, print ads, phone calls and desktops to find what they were looking for. As new generations rise up to take their place, the marketing strategy of B2B companies needs to accommodate the newcomers.

Today that would be the millennials! As the driving force behind the digital movement, millennials demand convenience and speed in all aspects of their work. This is having a large impact on the sales funnel, which the marketing team is to accommodate.

Using a multi-touch marketing strategy is a ready way to be prepared to catch B2B buyers at the optimal time. Mobile marketing is just one of the ways to make sure your business is getting the attention it deserves. Here are some of the reasons why having a mobile marketing strategy is so important:

40% of Revenue Coming from Mobile

The digital experience has become more important than ever. Most buyers do not want to speak to a sales person until they have made the decision to close the deal. Regardless of the industry, buyers expect seamless mobile integration just as they experience as a consumer. Based on a recent study by Google and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), showed that over 40% of the revenue is attributed to mobile drives or influences. 40% accounts for a TON of money that could be lost if a mobile marketing strategy is not implemented.

50% of B2B Search Queries Made on Smartphones

The generation of millennials are becoming more and more tech savvy. While on the go they are multitasking using their mobile screens for work. Most buyers are travelling to trade shows or conferences. They are able to stay focused and efficient by keeping up with work through their smartphone. Researching products their company needs could very well be a part of the on the go efficiency. BCG expects that there is going to be an increase from 2 hours a day to three hours a day spent on a mobile device by the year 2020.

B2B Mobile Leaders Are Seeing Increased Revenue

Time is money as they always say… By having mobile marketing in place, you could decrease the time to purchase. The BCG and Google study showed that buyers were closing deals 20% faster when companies had implemented their marketing strategy across all devices. In addition to the increased mobile engagement, they have seen that those engages were overall spending more. Mobile-driven/influenced customers have yielded higher profits for mobile marketing savvy companies.

The B2B Buyer Research Population

As mentioned previously, the millennial population is becoming more prevalent in the buying decision for many companies. B2B buyers include the age group of 18 – 34 which has increased from 27% - 46% of all buyers. This age group has always had the convenience of the internet and has tendencies to be more innovative with their time and resources. Being able to direct messaging to another channel allows digital marketers in the B2B space to expand and use all tools available to them.

Mobile App Marketing

Without including mobile in the marketing plan things like mobile web, re-targeting, social media, push notification, apps and in-app messaging aren’t being utilized to their full potential. Mobile app marketing is a medium that can add to a brand’s offline experience. If you think that your audience is not spending time on an app, think again. According to Neilson, people are spending 30 hours a week on apps. That is more than most part-time jobs! Mobile app engagements allow for just another way for brand engagement and recognition.

As the world of B2B marketing continues to grow, it is important to continually optimize your approach across all platforms. With mobile making huge waves in millennial’s lives it is common sense to have your messaging in a place where they will see it. Marketing to the new wave of buyers means stepping up the intensity and creativity in all channels, especially the digital marketing strategy.

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