How Smartphone Technologies Are Transforming Business Travel

Apr 16, 2020

Smartphone technologies in business travel

Technology has fundamentally changed the way business is done in the travel industry across continents. Corporate travel depends on travel tech as it eases travel agencies' job by simply connecting them with their customers and promoting their travel products. Similarly, the need for a personalized, quick, and hassle-free travel experience is increasing so that travelers can focus more on their business objectives rather than the trip nuisance. A plethora of apps and travel tools are assisting employees make the most of travel tools on a business trip. Technology has streamlined the travel experience by taking the nuisance out from the business travelers’ minds. 83% of travelers said that mobile expense management solutions have improved their business travel experience. 

Mobile and smartphones are not trends, but it has become a necessity for almost every individual. More and more people are opening up to their mobile app technology because it's so much easier, hassle-free, and also secured at the same time. Smartphones have become a replacement for desktop applications with relevant and personalized information being available at fingertips. Innovative smartphone technologies help corporate travel agencies manage communication activities with travelers during their trip so that essential facilities such as car rentals, security, cash conversion, etc. can be provided to them spontaneously. 

According to Egencia, 75% of business travelers are using their smartphones both for personal and professional reasons during their trips.

Mobile and smartphones have modified the way we explore, book, and pay for business travel. According to FCM Travels, 39% of hotel and 22% of air bookings now come from smartphones. 

The acceleration of mobile technology has enhanced internet connectivity. Business travelers use suitable travel apps and are too confident making purchases online, and booking their trips with the help of an app.

Corporate travel app Lola provides smooth, personalized, and hassle-free trip planning for corporate personalities who frequently travel for work and use chats as the main medium to connect its concierge and clients.’s intuitive platform and consumer-grade mobile app connect you directly to a massive index of flights and hotels, making it easy to book the most convenient and affordable travel options.

Source: Lola

Virgin America has its in-flight social network that lets people use their iPhones to connect with other passengers in the air. The service is intended to help business travelers ‘take advantage of the downtime in-flight’ to develop new professional relationships.

According to Global Business Travel, “Mobile devices will take personalization even further shortly with ‘smart’ services based on user activity and preferences. These services will help business travelers with everything from planning and booking trips to getting through day-to-day logistics when they’re on the road.”

Mobile makes personalization more adaptable through mobile apps, collecting and using data, and giving targeted information. BCD Travels, TripSource app - is a total trip management platform that provides travelers with detailed itineraries, pre-trip notifications, flight updates, and the best booking options. Accessible from any device, TripSource gives travelers access to company guidelines that keep them in the program.

Travel mobile application

Source: BCD Travels

Earlier, the app earned the Best Mobile App Award, and it took home the Web Marketing Association’s Outstanding Mobile App Award.

Delta Air Lines (DAL) has started offering passengers free movies, television shows, games, and music through its Fly Delta app for phones and laptops. 

United (UAL) wheeled out an in-flight movie service earlier this year with hundreds of movies and shows through its app that let you view the latest Hollywood hits, trending TV shows, music video playlists from VEVO, and more through a seatback monitor or your device, depending on the aircraft. Electronic boarding passes are almost common, and 74% of passengers used an electronic boarding pass on a smartphone in 2018 – clearly, smartphones are empowering users to access e-passes directly.

Another super exciting feature in travel management apps is expense management functionality. A major source of stress for business travelers. This expense management functionality on smartphone apps can scan receipts and upload the data directly to your expense platform. 

ZOHO has developed an expense reporting software crafted for businesses of all sizes. All you need is a smartphone with the Zoho expense app. Users can click a picture of the receipt and an expense will be created automatically.


Source: ZOHO

Technology brings together the travel management companies, the corporation, and the travelers, and assists the best interest of all three. It is a win-win for all. The coming years will bring many more crucial changes that will advance and skyrocket business travel. The latest technological modifications, coupled with an increased focus on traveler satisfaction, means that travel is becoming more personalized and adaptable. 

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