Top 5 CRO Hacks to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Dec 15, 2019

Marketing  Hacks

From not providing enough context for your conversion rates to the lack of relevant data, the list goes on as to why a lot of businesses are failing to convert visitors into paying customers.

Luckily, we’ve broken it down so you never have to fall into the same category. 

Let's look into the 5 key ideas you can leverage to boost your conversion:

Consider Changing your Offer

To make sure that your prospects don't say no, you need to rise above the sameness that prevails among the crowd. A unique, compelling and a differentiated offer will bring in future prospects as well as the semi-interested parties and be able to show them why they should stick to you.

Below are a few of the qualities that visitors should find in your offer:

  • Talk about the pain points and how to alleviate them
  • As a marketer who’s looking to offer the best solutions for your prospects, this has to be on top of your list. Which is why you should just dial down on the verbose and straight up put your offer on the table.
  • Value over price
  • Again, remember that the benefits of your offer need to outweigh the costs. If it ain’t relevant and valuable, it ain’t gonna work!
  • Timelessness is key

We’re not saying that riding a trend wave is bad, sure it may work for a while but think of your marketing efforts in long-term. Make sure your offers don’t get disrupted or drowned out by the frequent changes.

Have a Value-based Call-to-action 

Make sure your call-to-action relates to your products and services and avoids generic words like ‘Click Here’ or ‘Buy Now’. 

On the Deck 7 website you’ll notice that the CTA button is relevant to the messaging that clearly explains what benefits the visitors are going to get.

In a brief and concise manner, the page explains that first 1000 interested visitors will be able to get their hands on the 2019 Webinar Benchmark reports. All they’ll have to do is fill in their details, as for those who want to get more information on the offer can get in touch with the experts. This way the message is delivered without causing any ‘friction’.

Website form

While thinking of impactful CTA keep these things in mind:

  • Replace meaningless jargon with specificity
  • Be very clear about your offer
  • Your messaging should be aligned in an effort to call your prospects into action

Keep those Facebook Ad Headline short

Coming up with an engaging Facebook ad is not an easy task and there’s a million different ways that you could screw it up if you don’t strategize correctly. Using a headline that’s long and wordy can often times mess up the execution, so ensure that you keep it precise and clear. 

Here’s an example:-

Facebook Ad

Your value proposition is simply how you translate or frame the unique/compelling/differentiated end-result that people can get from your offer. And doing that without the use of witty and unnecessary jargon, and coming straight to your point will definitely make a difference.

Social Proof/Influence 

The main reason behind social proof is the bandwagon effect that states that people are more likely to engage in an action if other people are doing it. If over a million people have purchased a product and enjoyed it, chances are you may go for the same product too. 

Other important factors behind the use of social proof are trust, authority and credibility, just so there can be low barrier to making online purchasing. 

Social proof or influence could be anything from testimonials to feedback, reviews or even online ratings etc.

Here’s an example:


Marketing tag line

Depending on the type of product, marketers can use a number of ways to highlight social proof that can ramp up their conversion rates. To understand this better we can look at:

  • Customer case studies
  • Seals of approval from well-respected organizations
  • Download and purchase counts
  • Research or other statistics
  • Endorsement from celebrities

According to a study done by ConversionXL, it has been found that while an initial eye-tracking test didn’t reveal much of a significance, there were some interesting findings for where people’s attention went and how long it stayed. For example, some social proof elements resulted in the longest ‘fixation’ of a viewer, while others were more likely to be remembered afterward. 

This test eventually ruled out that the real winning method however, is to have testimonials with photos of clients/customers because ‘Testimonials with real photos produced the highest recall among viewers.’

Be Specific with your Headline

Here's the deal, there’s nothing wrong with clever content, however, it should get the message across. When MarketingExperiments ran the multivariate test for six different dentist PPC headlines that went like:-

  • (Control)
  • Dental Plans for $8.33 a month. Acceptance Guaranteed.
  • Over 55,000 Dental Care Providers. Acceptance Guaranteed.
  • Dental Care Coverage. Best Price Guaranteed.
  • Low Cost Dental Care for the Uninsured.
  • Best Price Dental Care – Without Insurance.

They found that out of all the headlines, the second one was the most effective. The line “Dental Care Coverage” seems pretty bland and obvious. “Best Price Guaranteed” can be improved by actually showing the price (as was done in headline two). And “Low Cost” probably appeared in every other ad on that search engine result page too.

In conclusion, it’s important to look back at your past campaigns as well as the future ones to find out where the problems may be lurking and how you can fix them. And fixing these problems is the only way to ensure success. So get out there and put these hacks to use!

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