Your Email Marketing Checklist for 2022 and Beyond

Jul 6, 2022

Email marketing for B2B is one of the best ways to guarantee ROI. Besides being formal, emails are the most elite and elegant way to communicate and converse in the B2B world. 

Despite various predictions that email marketing would not survive in the social media era, it proved its worth. As a result, email marketing has been considered the best form of marketing to set your mark in recent years.

Although email marketing is one of the most trusted forms of marketing, one must execute it in the best possible way. One should try all combinations, be creative, and personalize emails but ensure that the emails do not land in spam.

If you have tried or are going to try your hands at the email marketing process, our ultimate email marketing checklist for 2022 will assist you with the dos and don’ts.

And for better understanding, we have included the natural and best email marketing examples with the checklist.

The Email Marketing Checklist for 2022

Design everything keeping the customer in mind, right from the greetings to infographics, images, and the content.  We understand the effort to curate the best marketing email. 

We have crafted the best five strategies for the email marketing process to ensure that your email is engaging, connects with the user, and gets the maximum clicks.

Utilize User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the content generated by the user, i.e., their feelings and reactions towards the services and products that they have utilized.

It implies reviews, conversations, ratings, and photos your customers share. 

You should use this user-generated content effectively to increase organic traffic.

If a user notices that many verified customers trust your brand, it automatically generates traffic. 

Considering that user-generated content shows the result only in B2C scenarios, this is a myth. Here is an excellent email marketing application wherein user-generated content has worked wonders in B2B.

Shopify Mixed Email Strategy

Shopify incorporated its buyer’s and seller’s reviews into one email. This email marketing strategy worked wonders for Shopify. They were successful in building brand awareness for all types of clients.

These reviews were from the actual customers who sell and buy from the Shopify platform. Thus, this email made a marked for all those business customers who could use Shopify to sell their products.

Craft a Fantastic Email Marketing Strategy

When you are ready to launch email marketing in your marketing strategies, there are more things than the design of the email. And one of these things is a foolproof email-marketing plan. 

An email marketing plan ensures that your efforts align with your goals. You can use various email marketing software available online.

So, here are some basic steps to follow while designing an email marketing plan.

  • Know Your Audience: 

    You should know the people for whom you are curating content. Because when you know your audience, you will undoubtedly craft the best content they can connect to.
  • Set Goals: 

    You must set goals like you need 15% or 30% more conversions in the first quarter.
    Set goals that align with your marketing plans and make all possible efforts to achieve them.
  • Develop a Content Strategy:

    You need to strategize your emails with tailored content. Nowadays, even B2B clients are attracted by personalized emails. Such emails show the efforts that the teams have put in to know what the customer wants. Thus, curate a tailored, follow-up, and informative email marketing strategy for B2B companies.
  • Stick To a Schedule:

    It would be best if you stuck to a schedule for email marketing. Your team needs to send emails at regular intervals. But these intervals should be appropriately planned so that they do not annoy the customer.

Monitor Your Email KPIs

Tracking your email marketing KPI is important for a successful email marketing strategy. Email marketing software provides an in-depth analysis of every marketing email.

You know how your emails behave and perform when you track your KPIs. It also gives you maximum exposure to change and strategize email marketing for future campaigns. 

Here are some basic ways to track email marketing KPIs.

  • Conversion rate with time.
  • Click through Rate (CTR).
  • Click Through Open Rate (CTOR).
  • Time-taken for customer conversion.
  • Customer interaction time.
  • Value and cost of email campaigns
  • Time for an end-to-end conversion


Litmus’s Quirky Way of Tracking

Litmus is an email design company. In 2016, to create excitement around its Email Design Conference, it came up with a way to make the audience a part of the tracking process. They held the conference in three cities, but the third city was revealed only after the post reached 500 shares.

And the recipients who shared it received regular intimations regarding the shares and then the third city revelation!

Filter Your Contacts

Your marketing and sales team will have a curated or past list of the target audiences. Your email marketing campaign depends on this customer list. Thus, it must be filtered to ensure that only interested customers are on the list.

Thus, to filter your contacts, you need to go through the list of email addresses and check for typos, invalid addresses, and more. 

Remember, email marketing is more about quality than quantity. Thus, you should send the email only to the most highly valued accounts.

If you send your email to too many people, it may land in spam or trash, thus hampering your brand value! So choose wisely.

While filtering your contacts, ensure to measure the bounce rate and reason for the mail. An email bounce happens when a delivery fails to reach the recipient's mailbox.

A bounce mail can be identified when you receive a delivery failure mail from the recipient's server. It generally includes the reasons for failures. 

Whether the reason is soft bounce (server error, message too large, mailbox full) or hard bounce (invalid or non-existent email address), you need to reduce the bounce mails. And this can be achieved by regular monitoring and filtering your email addresses.

Create Outstanding Email Content

Once you have a blueprint of the email campaign with its schedules, contacts, KPI interface, and everything else, it is time to design compelling content. 

Your email must contain the following elements.

A Great Subject Line: 

Your subject line is the deciding factor in the opening of the mail. Hence, ensure to make it catchy, curious, and to the point. You can try the A/B testing method to find the best subject lines that work for your target audience.

Casual Language:

These email filter techniques are getting stronger day by day. Hence, we have to be very careful while curating the content for the email body. Ensure to keep your language casual and avoid jargon. The simpler the language you use, the more likely it is to connect with the audience and the less likely will end up in spam.

Short Length

In an era of social media and hashtags, nobody has time to read a lengthy piece of content (unless required). Hence, try to keep the length of the mail as short as possible. The most popular size of an email is around 200 words or 20 lines.

To-The-Point Content

When customers have relevant and to-the-point content, they immediately search for the CTA. And in the B2B industry, decision-makers are pleased when they receive marketing emails that directly address their pain points. 

So now you know what to include in the email body!


Always double-check your email for the CTA and its direct links. If these two are missing or broken, your entire effort in the email marketing campaign will be in vain. Also, ensure that your emails and links are mobile-friendly. 

And try to use quirky, catchy, and surprising CTAs to lure the customers. 

Images, Infographics as Required

A proven theory is that a user is more likely to connect to the visuals than the content. Hence, try to use a 60 to 40 image to content ratio. When a customer connect with the engaging visual, they are more likely to read the entire message.

And now, these are the things that your email must not contain.

  • A simple or overly long subject line
  • Overuse of colors, images, gifs
  • Extra use of capslock and exclamations
  • Attachments and ‘sales-y’ language

These are the basic email marketing steps for crafting the best marketing email. But you can curate your list based on your products, services, and, of course, the target audience!

Email Marketing Application Examples

Buffer’s Welcome Email

Buffer’s welcome email is the best example of a welcome message for subscribers. It is lucid, clear, concise, and to the point. It has this fantastic conversational tone that enhances the feeling of personalization in an email. 

Atlassian’s Mail Describing New Features

Atlassian’s mail is a perfect example of describing its new features engagingly. The short and straightforward description stands out and conveys the message best. This is an effortless way to tell your audience about the new features. 

Deck 7’s Newsletter

Deck 7 regularly sends newsletters to its clients to help them stay in the loop. The clients know about the latest news, blogs, interviews, webinars, events, and more through these newsletters. Mailing newsletters is an excellent way to stay in touch with clients regularly.

Image courtesy: Deck 7

And It’s a Wrap!

We hope we have covered all the necessary elements that constitute the steps of email marketing. 

Ensure you adhere to the above email marketing steps and personalize the content, keeping your TG in mind!

Testing samples are just a matter of you knowing which design best performs. And once you understand what your audience seems to connect with, it only makes your work easier.

So let 2022 be the year of successful email marketing campaigns for you and your organizations, and Deck 7 is here to ensure that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is email marketing in 2022?

With the need for digitalization being imposed by the pandemic, email marketing will see a surge in 2022 and remain impactful as always. 

B2B businesses that have not incorporated email marketing into their marketing strategies will have to implement them sooner rather than later to stay in the league.

What are the main aspects of email marketing?

  • Incorporate User-Generated Content
  • Create a fantastic email marketing strategy 
  • Keep track of your email KPIsFilter your contacts
  • Create flawless email content

What must a marketing email NOT contain?

  • A simple or overly long subject line
  • Overuse of colors, images, gifs
  • Extra use of capslock and exclamations
  • Attachments and ‘sales-y’ language
  • Typos or wrong email ids
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